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The Suitcase was originally written to be a live performance storytelling piece, and was going to be performed for the first time at the Alden Biesen International Festival of Storytelling in Belgium in March 2020, but the pandemic happened, and so I decided to transform the piece into an audio story.  I would like to thank everyone on the list below (in alphabetical order) who helped. I am very grateful.

I couldn't have done this without your valuable help and input.

Shilpa Baliga

Manú Bartlett

Elise Bath – The Wiener Holocaust Library

Jenny Beacraft

Anna Bugno

Sam Bunyan

Carlos A.Cabrera

Peter Chand

Jan Clayton

Emilie Delcourt

Sarah Delcourt

Lehla Eldridge

Jonathan Glanzberg

Wojtek Heydel

Alex Heydel

Anne Heydel

Tony Hodgson

James Humber

Nicky Huntingford

Ewelina Knurek

Julia Landes

Anthony Landes

Jo Marvel

Gavin Millar

Janice Nepon-Sixt

Hania Niedzielska-Kepinska

Isabella Petith

Lucy Radcliff

Raphael Rodan

Mary Roscoe

Basia Slomka

Christina Somkowicz

Renia Świdrygiełło-Świderska 

Emma Sottardi

Sarah West

Joshua Zamrycki


A huge thank you to my two children George and Marina who have had to put up with their mother over the several years it has taken me to process, write and record the Suitcase. Oh, and tolerating the hours of me staring out of the window. 

And of course thanks to David Brock who saved the suitcase from being burnt.

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